Liquid Afternoons

By Niamh Birch

Tap & Bottle | 64 Union St | London | SE1 1SG

12pm - 9pm | Wed – Sat | 11.01.22 – 26.02.22

PV | 4pm - 8pm | 06.02.22

Private Appointments Sun & Mon - Contact to Book

Liquid Afternoons highlights the ordinary objects and everyday memories taken from shared experiences inside and outside the home, overlapping domestic interiors and alfresco settings.

As 2022 marks Niamh Birch’s move to London to live new experiences, she launches her first solo show here, celebrating the nostalgia of a year’s work created during a time when togetherness has been a luxury, and time abroad has been liberating. 

Birch paints to capture the unique, often unappreciated charm of everyday commodities. Nestled upon scattered tabletops, these objects, cornerstones of community, manage to weave memories, conversation and relationships through charming composition, form, and colour: “Notions of conversation and chatter whilst sitting around a table, sipping a drink, is where a lot of my ideas come alive”.

Nightcaps are poured, stories are told, connections are forged, nostalgia enfolds. These personal narratives are the foundations of Birch’s painting. Her lack of subjects allowing each of us to slip into her scenes, making them our own, her chosen objects becoming collective anchors for our own fond memories. 

Experienced in reality at the Tap & Bottle, lose yourself revelling in the bright, indulgent, aesthetically pleasurable memories of Birch’s art. Whether that be sat upon the kitchen units with a cup of tea, bathing in the French heat, head back, eyes closed on a sun lounger, or watching that cat creep along the veranda as you sip your Gaget Morgon Cote du Py, enjoying the sunset.

Ruby Apparition UPLOAD.jpg


by Suhaylah H.


February 2022

Following Suhaylah's sell-out at November Group Show Into the Cosmere, she is developing her Oil Pastel 'Apparitions' series, alongside abstract, naturalistic film, for a solo showcase in late February.

El Carretero.jpg


Into the Cosmere-2.jpg

188 Shoreditch High St | Shoreditch | E1 6HU

10th November - 22nd November 2021

Step 'Into The Cosmere’, an exhibition exploring fantastical, alien landscapes, and the world builders who create them.

Bringing together a collective of 18 emerging and established artists from the UK, Europe, and North America, whose art explores the emotional potential in altering our perceptions of natural order and universal law.

Using paint, print, pencil, sculpture and material design, the featured artists present atmospheric, topological, geological, and ecological perspectives which change our understanding of reality, providing portals through which we can step into another place. Alien planets, different dimensions, astral plains, altered laws of science; this collection of art provides the same capacity to lose ourselves in our own imaginative experiences, as science fiction and fantasy writers present in the worlds housing their structured narratives.



by Olivia Mansfield

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

1st August - 7th September 2021

Rosa Oculus is a body of work that marries artist Mansfield's intuitive process, experience & passion - founded in visual mystery, nature, lore, faith, journey, change and reflection - with a celebration of the luminosity, bold colour, and form of 18th Century-stained glass.

The composition is particularly honorific of Rose Windows found in Churches and Cathedrals, and how they lend themselves to storytelling in religious art. In this body of work Mansfield, instead of biblical narratives, sources myth & legend. Converging her broad influences into chaotic dreamlike landscapes.

Untitled design (1).png

All my Postcards

by Ofelia Botella

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

3rd July - 31st July 2021

‘All My Postcards’ is a collection of drawings and sketches from the past year. All the pieces are inspired by Ofelia’s trips to Cappadocia in Turkey, the Carpathians & Vietnam; or by places she’s fascinated by and wants to visit, like Guatemala & Georgia. The colours and compositions informed by the destination events, heritage sites and textile design among much more:

"I wanted this show to feel like you’re browsing someone else's photo albums. You’re going through the pages and you can see what this person visited and loved, maybe there’s some doodles or some notes on the side of some of the pictures, a date, the odd postcard or map thrown in between the pages… 

ILHN crystal palace .jpeg

I Live Here Now

by Ofelia Botella

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

1st June - 2nd July 2021

In I Live Here Now, she looks at what “home” has meant to her during the pandemic. She manifests her favourite London locations, reimagining them at the confluence of home and ideal habitat. Bringing London parks inside, feeling closer to nature.

I Live Here Now is an insight into her dream home. You see sights like St James’ Park through a window frame dressed in beautiful curtains and an entryway’s arched ceiling, with hand-painted stars leading up to Greenwich Observatory. The show’s production process helped Ofelia visualise the home she most wants to live in and informed design elements: the tiles, the fabrics, the painted ceiling, which will bring her renovation closer to the dream.

Dont Fear The Reaper .jpg

Second Sight 

By Ralph Berryman

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

18th May - 30th May 2021

‘Second Sight’, Ralph’s first solo show and expose of his work, is a collection concerned with the exploration of the subconscious, conveyed through metaphor. Spanning years, there are common threads between all the works, influenced by concepts of philosophy, psychology, and Ralph’s ongoing fascination with art history. Drawing from surrealist practices, elements of psychedelia and notably the work conveyed in Carl Jung's Red Book.

Marking poignant personal moments, lessons and feelings, the work is representative of concepts, archetypes and emotions intended to be read in a manner akin to scrying, allowing viewers to explore and experience their own mirrored existentialist truth.

Gates Green Road.png

Divergent World

by Benji Thomas

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

1st April - 30th April 2021

Divergent World explores how night transforms the spaces around us. 

Information is lost in the dark; unremarkable surroundings are singled out by artificial lighting as areas or objects of importance and given new qualities. Roads are bathed in the acid yellow of streetlamps, the reds of brake lights, and all these scattered light sources cast alien shadows. Suddenly, the world we know is not the world we know. 

Common objects and spaces make up the images in Divergent World - vehicles, roads, train stations, trees - drawn from photos taken in transit, and made foreign by darkening skies and unnatural light. As night falls, our familiar world is thrown off kilter and presented anew.

Sophy Bristol - Round Pond Swan.JPG

Season Come

by Sophy Bristol

34 Moreton St | Pimlico | London | SW1V 2PD

1st March - 31st March 2021

‘Season Come’ draws us into these snapshots of the fresh, relaxing urban experiences we enjoy on crisp spring strolls, be they dappled city corners or serene parks. Sophy’s use of falling light and familiar London scenes makes her work truly quintessential, emphasising the raw beauty of nature which gives built-up areas their extended charm. In hard times, when it’s easy to overlook the allure of our surroundings, Sophy's bright work gives that Springtime sense of satisfaction a city bathed in light can give, if we just take time to look between the hard lines.