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View our current London exhibitions

FEATURED ARTIST | Suhaylah Hamid

Live Exhibitions
Harry Rudham_Spiral_120x200_Oilandacryliconcanvas.jpg


Apocalyptic Changes of State
Group Exhibition

4 Garden Walk | Shoreditch | London | EC2A 3EQ


18.04.24 – 28.04.24


Exhibition Opening | 6 - 9pm | 18.04.24

Mis En Scene_Install_Photos by Reece Gibbins-0226.jpg

FEATURED ARTISTS | Peter Carrick, Corrie Wingate & Jack Hughes

14 Artist Group Exhibition

Annie Mackin | Arthur Boothby | Benji Thomas | Corrie Wingate | Elena Rivera-Montanes  Jack Hughes | Joe Bucklow | Marina Renée-Cemmick | Niamh Birch | Peter Carrick  Phoebe Evans | Robyn Packham | Sarah Hardy | Yeonsu Ju 

Hallam Conference Centre | 44 Hallam St | London | W1W 6JJ


08.06.23 – 24.05.24

Act 1 | May - December 2023
Act 2 | Jan - May 2024




Past Exhibitions


The Other Side
By Joe Grieve 

In Partnership with Colstoun Arts

The Coach House | Colstoun House | Haddington | Scotland | EH41 4PA


03.05.24 – 19.05.24

A Woody Landscape_edited_edited.jpg



Past Exhibitions
craxton with no glare.jpg

Exhibiting Artwork by James Dearlove
As part of Platform | Curated by Gemma Rolls Bentley

Business Design Centre | 52 Upper Street | London | N1 0QH

11am - 7pm | Wed - Sun | 17.01 - 21.01

bad art banner.jpg

Curating Curators | Let Them Eat Fake II
Mass Group Exhibition | Artist Open Call Info Below
Curated by BAD ART | @badartpresents

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 7pm | Thu - Sun | 23.11 - 26.11

James Dearlove Studio_Portraits_Photos by Reece Gibbins-7269.jpg


Tales of the City, Tales of the Sea
By James Dearlove

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 7pm | Tue - Sun | 19.10 - 15.11

Art Unmasked_Install_Night-04602.jpg


19 Artist Group Fundraising Exhibition

Ben Edge | Ben Oakley | Charlie Haydn Taylor | David Bray | David Harrison | Dessy Baeva | ENDLESS | Henry Glover | James Dearlove | James Mortimer | Jasmine Pradissitto | Joe Grieve | Kris Lamba | Marc Lewis | Molly Kent | Morgan Howell | Nathan Wyburn | Niamh Birch | Rob & Nick Carter | SHEM

Vitrine Display | John Lewis Entrance | Westfield London | Ariel Way | London | W12 7GF​


Public Art on Permanent Display | 04.10.22 – 30.09.23

Suhaylah Hamid_Install_The Spell, The Pl


The Spell, The Plot, & The Ether
By Suhaylah H.

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 7pm | Tue - Sun | 21.09 - 15.10

Joe Grieve_Between Place and Time-4444.jpg


Between Place & Time
By Joe Grieve

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 7pm | Tue - Sun | 24.08 - 17.09​


Curating Curators | Intuition Goes Before You
5 Artist Group Exhibition
Curated by Vittoria Beltrame

Ashley Cluer | Eva Dixon | Helen Bermingham

Isabella Lolita Amram | Rebecca Hardaker

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 6pm | 11.08 - 20.08​

_AMP9873 edit 001jt.jpg


Natural intermissions 
By Ava Haggas

13 Soho Square | Soho | London | W1D 3QF

11am - 7pm | Tue - Sun | 06.07 – 29.07

Charlie Schaffer_Scalpel Like Eyes_Edited Photos by Reece Gibbins-9757.jpg

FEATURED ARTIST | Charlie Schaffer

Scalpel-like Eyes

By Charlie Schaffer

15 Bateman Street | Soho | London | W1D 3AQ 


17.05.23 – 30.05.23

Cheek by Jowl

Cheek by Jowl
6 Artist Group Exhibition

Antonia Caicedo | Finn Robinson | Julie-Ann Simpson | Kuda Mushangi | Max Mason | Oliver Pearce

Tap & Bottle |​ 64 Union St | London | SE1 1SG

21.02.23 – 24.06.23

Visions of Healing

Visions of Healing
11 Women Artist Group Exhibition

Ava Haggas | Genevieve Leavold | Lara Cobden | Lorna Sinclair | Mary West | Michele Fletcher | Ofelia Botella | Olivia Mansfield | Simona Orent | Suhaylah H. | Yiwei Wu

15.08.22 – 15.02.23

TWO BY TWO__BWG_Photos by Reece Gibbins--9.jpg


Two by Two
24 Artist Group Exhibition

Andrea Gomis | Becky Tucker | Benji Thomas | Billy Bagilhole | Darcey Murphy | David Harrison | Henrietta MacPhee | Giles Walker | Harry Rudham | Hira Gedikoglu | Irena Posner | James Dearlove | James Mortimer | Jiwon Cha | Julia De Ruvo | Karina Eibatova | Layla Andrews | Marina Renee Cemmick | Niall Campbell Strachan | Rene Gonzalez

Salvatore Pione | Selby HI | Tim Flach | Valerie Savchits

02.02.23 – 15.02.23

Laura Kiddie_Tap _ Bottle_Photos by Reece Gibbins-2802.jpg


The Still Before the Life
By Laura Kiddie

25.10.22 – 21.01.23

Raffael Bader_Poam Inaccessible Paths_Install_Photos edited by Reece Gibbins-2893.jpg


Roam Inaccessible Paths
By Raffael Bader 

10.11.22 – 20.11.22

BWG Gallery presents Roam Inaccessible Paths, German Artist Raffael Bader’s first international solo exhibition. Throughout this exhibition Bader freely explores the nature of the ‘self’, and of human interactions, through painterly projections of the Earth. Bader’s abstract renditions of landscapes and expressionist responses to his own journeying through quiet corners of the natural world, allows him to reflect on the connections, conflicts and strengths we find within ourselves along the way.

Willow Murphy_Install-8780.jpg


By Willow Murphy

12.07.22 – 08.10.22

Beginnings, a solo exhibition by artist Willow Murphy, comprises a body of painting and drawing that reflect an intersection of beginnings in the artist's life. Some new, some familiar, some changed. All colourful and rich. 



Spirit Within
8 Women Artist Group Exhibition

Alexi Marshall | Anna Sebastian | Hazel Florez | Kendall Jones  | Mafalda Figueiredo | Olivia Mansfield | Rosie McLachlan | Salomé Wu

03.08.22 – 28.08.22

Spiritualism, occult, paganism, mysticism, esotericism – these are just a few of the different manifestations of ‘the restistant woman’ that have dramatically increased in contemporary art practices and exhibitions in recent years. Historically, women resisting patriarchy were labelled witches, and practicing ‘evil’ occult rituals. Today, this figure, and the associated practices, has re-emerged enlivened by feminist, environmental and post-colonial interpretations and perspectives. 

Spirit Within, is a multidisciplinary exhibition bringing together the practices of eight women artists: Alexi Marshall, Anna Sebastian, Hazel Florez, Kendall Jones, Mafalda Figueiredo, Olivia Mansfield, Rosie McLachlan, and Salomé Wu. The exhibition showcases a unique, multidisciplinary insight into how contemporary women artists draw upon themes of mysticism, spirituality, tradition, and the occult, through a distinctly feminist lens. 

LATE NIGHT LAND-O_Install-8493.jpg

FEATURED ARTIST | Orlando Marosini

Late Night Land-O
By Orlando Marosini

28.06.22 – 07.07.22

Hungarian, Zurich-based Neo-Expressionist Orlando Marosini’s first international solo exhibition invites all art lovers to revel in the bright, the brilliant, the kitsch. LATE NIGHT LAND-O - The ART-Musement, carnivalesque experience you’ve been waiting for - brings not only Marosini's pop culture riddled multimedia painting to London, but an evening series of attractions inc. stylised caricature, fashion, live painting, live installation, and discussions with other sensational emerging artists. Marosini will, for his installation, be bringing LATE NIGHT LAND-O to life as a full gallery mural throughout his show, interacting with and setting the scene for his painting & drawing, to be experienced in full at the closing event.

Engaging the senses through character-based subjectivity & worldbuilding, layering vivid colours, free materiality, and a penchant for cartoons & animation, goofy characters, video games, sci-fi, craze, architecture, and elements of nature, inspired by a lifelong admiration and study of iconic artists like Basquiat, Condo & de Kooning; LATE NIGHT LAND-O channels Marosini’s energetic style and infectious, inherent positivity into an experiential celebration of contemporary art and collaboration.



Their Egos Will Lead The To This Future
By Jack Hughes

10.05.22 – 02.07.22

Their Egos Will Lead Them To This Future presents a body of painting centering around Greek Mythology, the central figures, their attempts to take fate into their own hands, and the punishments aligning their arrogance. Using bold colours, prominent underpainting and gestural brush marks, Hughes interprets these myths as vivid, dreamy paintings, alongside fabled monsters and the timeless landscapes of the Aegean Coast. Subtly showcasing the temporality of the mortal ego through storytelling, contrasted by the stoic beauty of landscapes; telling tales far beyond the scope of any hero, story or memory.

Joe Grieve PV Install-7671.jpg


Somewhere Near Perception
By Joe Grieve

01.06.22 – 08.06.22


Somewhere Near Perception presents Joe Grieve’s most recent series of abstract landscape paintings. Grieve has been questioning what makes something holy, recognising his closest experience to this ideal is immersion in nature. Embracing, capturing, and projecting this feeling has become the starting point in much of his work. Amalgamations of real and imagined places, his paintings oscillate between abstraction and representation, allowing viewers to remember familiar places, engaging personal memories and experiences of the natural world. To enhance his heavily layered and textured multisensory vistas, the exhibition is supported by an original composition by John Collett, and rich aromas of the wild. Making the memory evocation of Grieve’s paintings even more palpable.

Marina Renee Cemmick_Install_Photos by Reece Gibbins_-49.jpg

FEATURED ARTIST | Marina Renee Cemmick

Interactions : Body & Theatre
By Marina Renee Cemmick

08.03.22 – 07.05.22

Interactions : Body & Theatre presents artwork by artist Marina Renee-Cemmick that interrogates the body and experience, expressing a personal phenomenology through observation, memory, imagination, physical movement and theatre.


A two-part exhibition: Act 1 (downstairs) presents us with a retrospective look at Renee-Cemmick’s multimedia figuration and portraiture. Act 2 (upstairs) her practice’s recent development combining movement and theatre, with drawing and painting, working with physical theatre group Flabbergast on their Macbeth production.

Suhaylah H. Portraits_Edited Edited by Reece-4687 (1).jpg

FEATURED ARTIST | Suhaylah Hamid

By Suhaylah H.

24.03.22 – 28.03.22

This exhibition evolves and concludes Suhaylah's hugely popular Apparitions series, featuring a large body of oil-based drawing and painting. Supported by a musical composition and abstract film by the artist, and a botanical installation by all-female floral & botanical design house Elm London. Suhaylah’s artwork presents luscious naturalistic scenes laden with merging trees, pools, brush, waterfalls, and spectral figures & creatures; offering a visceral exploration into the seasonal journeys of this life and the next, illuminating the irrevocable ties between our mortality and our spirituality with nature.

Sam King_BWG_March_2022_Photo by Reece Gibbins-23.jpg


Will We Meet Again
By Sam King

25.10.22 – 21.01.23

This series of paintings represent Sam King’s artistic exploration during Covid. The artist explains: 


‘At the beginning of the pandemic, as face to face interaction was replaced by the virtual, my work began to explore the shift of subjective experience from physical to digital realms’.


The figure paintings combine chiaroscuro techniques inspired by the old masters with sheen fades and fragmentation of the figure, traversing the boundary between the embodied and the simulated. The portrait works draw upon stock photos to explore the dissonance between authentic emotion, and the transactional use of emotion in advertising and social media.

Drawing upon both historical and contemporary references, these works allude to the contradictions of contemporary experience. At once material and digital, the works express melancholy at the loss of connection to the organic world. Projecting ambivalence towards the exponential encroachment of technological progress and consumer capitalism, yet trying to make sense, to find meaning, within new, increasingly digitised environments and social landscapes. In that sense, the works explore both the utopian potential of these new ways of being and interacting, while maintaining awareness of the dystopian effects of social isolation and increasing capitalisation of online experience.

Liquid Afternoons_Lower Floor Interior-6.jpg


Liquid Afternoons
By Niamh Birch

11.01.22 – 26.02.22

Liquid Afternoons highlights the ordinary objects and everyday memories taken from shared experiences inside and outside the home, overlapping domestic interiors and alfresco settings.


As 2022 marks Niamh Birch’s move to London to live new experiences, she launches her first solo show here, celebrating the nostalgia of a year’s work created during a time when togetherness has been a luxury, and time abroad has been liberating. 


Birch paints to capture the unique, often unappreciated charm of everyday commodities. Nestled upon scattered tabletops, these objects, cornerstones of community, manage to weave memories, conversation and relationships through charming composition, form, and colour: “Notions of conversation and chatter whilst sitting around a table, sipping a drink, is where a lot of my ideas come alive”.


Nightcaps are poured, stories are told, connections are forged, nostalgia enfolds. These personal narratives are the foundations of Birch’s painting. Her lack of subjects allowing each of us to slip into her scenes, making them our own, her chosen objects becoming collective anchors for our own fond memories. 


Experienced in reality at the Tap & Bottle, lose yourself revelling in the bright, indulgent, aesthetically pleasurable memories of Birch’s art. Whether that be sat upon the kitchen units with a cup of tea, bathing in the French heat, head back, eyes closed on a sun lounger, or watching that cat creep along the veranda as you sip your Gaget Morgon Cote du Py, enjoying the sunset.

Into the Cosmere-2_edited.jpg


Into the Cosmere
19 Artist Group Exhibition

Anna Woodward | Benji Thomas | Charlotte Kidger | David Harrison | Joe Grieve | John Collett | Kora Moya Roja | Kris Lamba | Laura Wormell | Ofelia Botella | Olivia Mansfield | Olivia Mundy | Ozlem Thompson | Orlando Marosini | Rebecca Gilpin | Raffael Bader | Russ Rubin | Suhaylah H.

10.11.21 – 22.11.21

Step 'Into The Cosmere’, an exhibition exploring fantastical, alien landscapes, and the world builders who create them.


Bringing together a collective of 18 emerging and established artists from the UK, Europe, and North America, whose art explores the emotional potential in altering our perceptions of natural order and universal law.


Using paint, print, pencil, sculpture and material design, the featured artists present atmospheric, topological, geological, and ecological perspectives which change our understanding of reality, providing portals through which we can step into another place. Alien planets, different dimensions, astral plains, altered laws of science; this collection of art provides the same capacity to lose ourselves in our own imaginative experiences, as science fiction and fantasy writers present in the worlds housing their structured narratives.

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