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Jack Hughes


Jack Hughes (b. 1997, Wales) is an artist who gained his BA in Fine Art from Bournemouth University in 2018. He currently lives and works in London, where he creates large scale oil paintings. Jack's paintings are characterised by bold under-painting and contrasting colours. The artist creates saturated landscapes and figurative works depicting his dreams and memories of his upbringing in North Wales. His work is very much involved in his own memories of rural landscapes, isolation and his own dreams.


Jack also draws compositional inspiration from cinema and classical painting, using screenshots from films and paintings seen in locations like The National Gallery, as a way to assist the flow of ideas onto canvas. The artist has been consistently pushing to loosen his style, where figuration and abstraction merge to the point that the image is almost lost. 


Jack's work is in collections as far as Miami, New Zealand and Thessaloniki, as has been exhibited in shows across the UK and in Greece.


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