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We purvey a broad, international network of emerging and established talent. Ranging style, media and focus. 

The artists we actively promote live & breathe the BwG ethos. Passion. Excelling in their primary creative pursuits, reaching far beyond. Check out their profiles to see what art BwG has available, or how they meet your vision.

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Drawing | Dance | Live-Action Drawing | Painting | Murals | Sculpture

Marina works across multi-disciplines, drawing, oil painting, sculpture and performance. Her background in dance and physical theatre allows for sensitivity and innate interest towards the expression of the body and its movement. Combining classical figurative drawing, with movement and gesture.

Painting | Sculpture
Fashion Design | Set Design

Nicola Reid is a London based artist and designer, creating sculpture, paintings, high-end fashion and festival attire. Her work is influenced by colour, form and texture found in nature and her urban environment, supporting a primary theme of storytelling through recycling, with deep roots in her connection with the Carnival Arts. In her painting, Nicola’s aim is to capture the essence of the subject's personality and connection to the story of the fashion worn, its heritage, and the experience it creates.

Painting | Murals

Sam's practice explores embodied subjectivity in the digital age. He is interested in the contradictions of contemporary experience, in particular the dispersion of our identities between physical and digital realms.

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Painting | Installation | Murals | Drawing | Printmaking

Mansfield's paintings display figments of fantastical imaginary worlds, serving as portals to distant realms which allude to and echo our own existence. Themes of myth, legend and folklore intertwine vividly with celestial and astrological imagery. A reference to melting, oozing landmasses and formations both guides and lures the viewer to recognise or to believe that life, creation, humanity, death and destruction have occurred.

Sculpture | Material Design

Marc Lewis is a figurative sculptor and luxury furniture designer based in Tel Aviv. His sculptures often marry elements of art, architecture, and design. His love for working metal expanded his craft to include furniture, combining utility and luxurious decorative art to create truly unique pieces.

Painting | Drawing

Suhaylah draws and paints landscapes as a means of exploring the connection between material and immaterial worlds. Often referred to as dreamscapes, her spectral scenes and creative balance in gesture, material and reality bring evoke something ruminative and fluid in the wonders of nature.

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Painting | Murals | Interior Design

Ofelia Botella is a Spanish artist and illustrator. Her joyful and vibrant works explores narratives of humans’ relationship to nature, mythology and folk tales, and looks to connect with previous generations of artisans by exploring traditional female craftsmanship.

Painting | Drawing | Installations

Frantic energy predicated on a desire for energy exchange between painter and viewer, liberal use of color and crowded space, are signatures of Orlando Marosini’s mixed media works. Inspired by modern artists such as Jean-Michal Basquiat, George Condo, and Basquiat’s own inspiration, Willem de Kooning, symbolism and abstraction are ever present components of Marosini’s art.


My current series, ‘Temporary Cure for Existential Dread,’ aspires to induce your daze. These paintings are at once visual moments of peace and invitations to adventure, worlds into which the viewer might hurl themself, if only for an instant.