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Our Artists

Brushes with Greatness purveys a broad, international network of emerging and established talent across our various activities. BWG Gallery publically and privately exhibits and advances the careers of a smaller selection of early-mid-career artists; whose art explores themes centering around natural cultural hybridity in traditional media. Meet our core talent below.

Ava Haggas_Photos by Reece Gibbins-1943.jpg
Joe Grieve PV Install-7308.jpg

Joe Grieve

Drawing | Painting

Hira Gedikoglu

Painting | Drawing

Sculpture | Printmaking

Laura Kiddie_Edinburgh Studio_Photos by Reece Gibbins-3383.jpg
Orlando 2.png
Suhaylah H. Portraits_Edited Edited by Reece-4753.jpg

Laura Kiddie

Painting | Drawing


Orlando Marosini

Painting | Drawing

Installation | Sculpture

Suhaylah Hamid

Painting | Drawing
Composing | Film

Portrait 5.jpg

Jack Hughes


James Dearlove

Drawing | Painting

Raffael Bader

Painting | Drawing

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