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Our Artists

Brushes With Greatness purveys a broad, international network of emerging and established talent. Ranging style, media and focus. 

The artists we actively promote live & breathe the BWG ethos. Passion. Excelling in their primary creative pursuits, reaching far beyond. Check out their profiles to see what art BWG has available, or how they meet your vision.

Marina Residency_Photos by Reece Gibbins-54.jpg
Joe Grieve PV Install-7308.jpg
Sam King.jpg

Drawing | Dance | Live-Action Drawing | Painting | Murals | Sculpture

Joe Grieve

Drawing | Painting

Sam King

Painting | Murals

Orlando 2.png
Suhaylah H. Portraits_Edited Edited by Reece-4753.jpg

Olivia Mansfield

Painting | Installation | Murals

Drawing | Printmaking

Orlando Marosini

Painting | Drawing

Installation | Sculpture

Suhaylah Hamid

Painting | Drawing
Composing | Film

Portrait 5.jpg

Jack Hughes


James Dearlove

Drawing | Painting

Raffael Bader

Painting | Drawing

Laura Kiddie_Edinburgh Studio_Photos by Reece Gibbins-3383.jpg
Ava Haggas_Photos by Reece Gibbins-1943.jpg

Laura Kiddie

Painting | Drawing


Ava Haggas


Hira Gedikoglu

Painting | Drawing

Sculpture | Printmaking

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