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Sourcing | Curation | Advisory

BwG was founded on eight years experience marketing for global brands and building commercial identities. We understand corporate missions and creative communications. Contact us to find and facilitate the right creative to meet your business objectives.

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Advisory | Procurement

Artists thrive as collections thrive. Finding the perfect artist who's work and journey your collection can grow with can be overwhelming. BwG connects you with your artistic passions and the artists who live them. Let's discuss your taste. Then we will propose a curated selection of artists and works for your consideration.

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Client Relations & Negotiation | Writing | Promotion | PR | Network building | Event Support

Expertise in marketing, sales & promotion, with a lifetime passion for the arts, BwG will support and motivate you in building YOUR practice. Offering commercial guidance, creating opportunity, enabling passion, and freeing more time to CREATE. We will live and breathe your vision.