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Marina Renee-Cemmick

Drawing | Dance | Live-Action Drawing | Painting | Murals | Sculpture

Marina’s work begins with the human body. A breathing vessel that holds every experience. Having trained in contemporary and tap dance, and later gained experience with Butoh and physical theatre, the ability to think with and express through the body became a necessity, and touch, a vital tool for communication. Working to harness movement, she uses multiple disciplines including, painting and drawing to capture and directly translate motion onto a canvas.


Her works combine classical figuration with abstracted or fragmented forms; layering multiple images to create a sense of time and motion. She often uses dance, theatre or her own movement as starting points for larger works. Most recently Marina has been creating a series of works from Flabbergast Theatre Company’s MACBETH in direct response to their rehearsals and live performances. This physical record of the transient performance acts not only as documentation of the process but creates a moving dialogue between action, physical embodiment and visual expression.


Marina Renee-Cemmick (b.1994) grew up in Dorset, moving to Glasgow to study Painting at Glasgow school of Art (2018). During this time she was awarded an exchange program to Kyoto Seika, Japan. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, with her first solo show ‘Underlying Structures’ at The New Glasgow Society (2018). In 2018 she was awarded the Aon Community Arts Award and shortlisted for Most Promising Artist, later receiving the RSA John Kinross award to travel to Florence. She recently completed the Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School (2021), and currently lives and works in London. Her works have been exhibited at Christie’s, The Mall Galleries RP, Society of Portrait Sculptors, and chosen personally by HRH Prince Charles for the Royal Collection. 


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