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Hira Gedikoglu

Painting | Drawing


Born in Adana (Turkey), Hira Gedikoglu’s work is a biographical exploration of themes such as womanhood, sisterhood, motherhood, familial dynamics and their manifestation in a personal and Turkish cultural context depicted through painting and drawing.

Her recent work focuses on the folkloric motif of the black dog: the supernatural, spectral or demonic entity that appears in stories throughout Europe, and the different forms it takes on in stories across societal and cultural borders. Characters reappear in a repetitive rhythm reminiscent of Renaissance Frescoes and Ottoman miniatures, they wrap around each other to hold, crush, support, tread....

Hira graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class Honours in Fine Art in 2017 and went on to complete her postgraduate course at the Royal Drawing school in 2019.


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