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Explore available artwork and detail. Please get in touch regarding sales enquiries.

188 Shoreditch High St | Shoreditch | London |  E1 6HU

10th - 22nd November | Mon - Sun | 10am - 9pm 

Private View | 11th November | 6pm - 9pm

Brushes with Greatness presents 'Into the Cosmere’, an exhibition exploring fantastical, alien landscapes, and the world builders who create them.

Taking place in the heart of London’s creative Shoreditch district at 188 Shoreditch High Street, ‘Into the Cosmere’, open Nov 10th – Nov 22nd, brings together a collective of emerging and established artists from the UK, Europe, and North America, whose art explores the emotional potential in altering our perceptions of natural order and universal law.  

Using paint, print, pencil, sculpture and material design, the featured artists present atmospheric, topological, geological, and ecological perspectives which change our understanding of reality, providing portals through which we can step into another place. Alien planets, different dimensions, astral plains, altered laws of science; this collection of art provides the same capacity to lose ourselves in our own imaginative experiences, as science fiction and fantasy writers present in the worlds housing their structured narratives.

Displayed over two floors, ‘Into the Cosmere’ invites you to truly experience the art. All ecological artworks will be hosted in a subterranean style basement, enriched by an alien houseplant display designed by Forest London, gold winners at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The upstairs following a journey which zooms ever closer to the planetary surface of these strange worlds.

Behind the art, 'Into the Cosmere' examines process, and how different approaches bind the artists together in their output: creating worldly foundations which inspire our imaginations and offer escape. Taking its namesake from the collective universe of a modern master of fantasy world-building, Brandon Sanderson, 'Into the Cosmere' examines world-building in fine art from a literary standpoint: how contrasting literary techniques of ‘discovery' and 'outline' writing approaches in fantasy & science-fiction are mirrored in the tightly structured and wildly intuitive processes of our artists.

The talent featured includes internationally recognised artists and designers including David Harrison and Kris Lamba, supporting many rising contemporary names.

Step 'Into the Cosmere' like a novel reader stepping into a fantasy library. As you read blurbs to find the concept which most calls to you, instead explore a visual universe of fantastical potential, and become the protagonist of your own adventure. Discovering and outlining your experience in the landscape which enthralls you most.



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