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Sam King

Painting | Drawing | Murals

Sam's practice explores embodied subjectivity in the digital age. He is interested in the contradictions of contemporary experience, in particular the dispersion of our identities between physical and digital realms.

His painting combines chiaroscuro techniques inspired by the Old Masters with airbrush fades and shifts of light, traversing the boundary between the authentic and the simulated.


King's pieces act as a proxy for his own experience: flicking between temporal rhythms of attention and distraction, desires for genuine connection or personal agency, and the systemisation of human life within capitalist and consumerist systems. 



Sam King (1995) is a British artist, living and working in London. Spanning the mediums of painting, photography, and murals, his practice explores the human condition on an individual and social level, incorporating questions of being, authenticity, banality and embodiment. King studied Fine Art at The Art Academy London, where he developed his technical skills and conceptual basis.

The British Artist notably received The Jorge-Aguilar Artist Award and The Liberty Art Award (both 2018), and completed artist residencies at PADA, Portugal, 2020, Art House Holland, Holland, 2019, AucArt, London, 2019, and Jardin Orange Artist Residency, China 2017. He has appeared in publications worldwide including Inside Street Art Melbourne and Street Art Australia. King has seen successful solo shows with The Artist Contemporary & BWG Gallery (digital & physical respectively) early in 2022. Also featuring in groups shows internationally with PRIOR Art Space and Soho Revue as his practice’s style evolves.


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