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Olivia Mansfield

Painting | Site Specific Installations

Olivia Mansfield's paintings display figments of fantastical imaginary worlds. They serve as portals to strange distant realms which allude to and echo our own existence. Ethereal visions approach you with an unraveling narrative, bringing forth splayed and mystical perceptions of a familiar yet altogether fictional place or dwelling. 

The intuitive nature of Mansfield's process allows her to engage deeply with the forms which manifest organically in the work. Bodies and beasts, altars, symbols and sacred spaces, caverns, caves, mountains and sigils all exist quietly waiting to emerge from within the delicate and distinct manipulation of the paint.

Mansfield's influences have roots in classical and historical painting, iconography, theology, culture, religion, ritual and symbolism. These themes converge where time is lapsed and distorted, enabling the landscape and its inhabitants to manifest and nurture an interesting discourse that encompass theory, fact, science, and fiction – altogether linked with the apocalyptic force of nature itself. 


Themes of myth, legend and folklore intertwine vividly with celestial and almost astrological imagery. A reference to melting, oozing landmasses and formations both guides and lures the viewer to recognise or to believe that life, creation, humanity, death and destruction have occurred.  Highlighting our ever-changing landscape and touching upon the notion of a kind of Sublime chaos, which climaxes on the undeniable beauty in disruption and ruination.

More recently Mansfield's practice has begun to shift into exploring a more figurative and bodily image. These beings move within the abstract structures of the gestural and emotive landscapes, looking to illuminate a symbiotic existence with the natural world. 


Based in Milton Keynes, Olivia studied a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin's before completing her BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University in 2012. She’s had two solo shows, with Ritzy Gallery and The Old Church, and been part of group shows across the UK and online throughout the past 8 years. Inc. 3 digital exhibitions in 2021, with Vacant, The Holy Art Gallery & London Paint Club.


The incredible collection from Mansfield's Pimlico solo exhibition.


Many of Olivia's sources lie in Myth, legend & folklore; embellished by a deep connection to fantasy and imaginary worlds. Rosa Oculus depicts a convergence of these themes, also drawing composition and narrative inspiration from the luminosity, colour, storytelling & form of 18th Century stained glass Rose Windows.


Tortured souls, figures and beasts move in and around treacherous shards of darkness and light, fracturing dream-like landscapes. We are witnessed as we witness symbols and flickering sigils emerging within the gestural strokes of paint. With intense displays of colour, texture and layer, Olivia forms visions of somewhere unknown, mystical, transcendent, otherworldly. 


Heavy, foreboding skies, caverns and crevasses, megaliths, ley lines, and ethereal rays of light become the splintered landscapes. These circular, celestial paintings swirl with the chaotic energy of a great tempest, tailored to leave us feeling as though we're caught in the eye of a heavenly storm - surrounded by the luminescence and harmony of what appears to be creation and destruction combined.

This series is available as one piece. Details of the individual works and installation example available below.

Rosa Oculus

151cm x 151cm

Small: Acrylic & Gouache on Board

Large: Acrylic on Canvas


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