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Nicola Reid

Painting | Sculpture | Installation | Fashion Design

Nicola Reid is a London based artist and designer, creating sculpture, paintings, high-end fashion, and festival attire. Her dynamic art is influenced by colour, form and texture found in nature and her urban environment, supporting primary themes of storytelling through recycling, colour therapy and sensory awareness and relatability to objects, with deep roots in her connection with the Carnival Arts.

Her artistic practice is one of depth and experience. She captures her subjects living, adorned in her creative fashion, documented, and recreated, using a huge spread of multimedia materials and techniques to connect viewer and subject to the story and life of the attire, imprinting the energy of the experience in her thickly layered images.

Her paintings are featured in several private collections and have been exhibited at London Design festival and Open House, exhibiting in group shows in London and in the UK.

Nicola has designed & produced costumes for Notting hill carnival in London and carnivals across Europe alongside her fashion brands. This has given insight and access to creative expression through fluidity and movement on a larger scale, also designing costumes for exhibitions and performances at the V&A, Museum of London, 02 and Alexandra palace.

Where Nicola’s painting is rooted to the subject, the aim is instead to capture the essence of the personality and connection to the story of the fashion worn, its heritage and the experience it creates. Starting with texture and pattern, layering and tonal composition, waiting for them to form and reflect the energetic foundations.

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