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Benji Thomas

Painting | Drawing | Writing | Photography

Benji Thomas is an artist originally from London. He works with painting and drawing media, tapping into the mystery and intrigue that lies below the surface of our everyday spaces.


“Everyday scenes have always been the most interesting subject for me - nondescript corners of the world, arranging themselves arbitrarily, can create some of the strangest and most stirring images. On one ten-minute walk there’s an infinity of discoveries to be made. It’s all about being curious with the world, reacting instinctively, and finding new ways of seeing.”

The moments Benji finds, photographs and eventually draws from tend to be fleeting. They exist between where you were and where you’re going, universally ignored and obliterated by the transience of life.


Discovering pockets of unseen magic, the surreal within the painfully “real”, and amplifying those qualities through the act of image making, defines his practice.



Benji Thomas is an East Sussex based artist and writer. He received his BA from Loughborough University in 2018, appearing on Landscape Artist of the Year during his second year of study. He then attended the TURPS Banana Art School in 2020 under the mentorship of contemporary artist Colin Smith, and was awarded the Cass Art Prize by art critic Tabish Khan for his painting.

Relocating to the South coast during the pandemic, he began focusing on luminous nocturnal scenes depicted with coloured pencil, drawing the attention of galleries and collectors. He has since shown his work in exhibitions all across London, with Galleries including Blue Shop Cottage, Liminal, All Mouth and BWG Gallery, and sold to collectors in London, Berlin, Paris, and New York.

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