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Marc Richard Lewis

Sculpture | Furniture

Marc Lewis’ work, whilst meticulous, complex and multi-disciplinary, is deeply rooted in his fascination with bodies. A subject he has explored through gymnastics and dance, performance art and photography, literature and history, and endless sketching. The human form, whilst familiar to us all, is nonetheless a transient gift thrust upon us by Mother Nature. At some level physical appearance, the mask with which we present ourselves to the world, defines who we are despite our desire for change. Male, female, young, old, thin, fat, beautiful, ugly, conservative, eccentric. Bodies are what we live in, bodies are sexuality, bodies are who we are, bodies are how we survive and bodies are how we are judged. Bodies give us strength, bodies are defense, bodies are the vehicle for our actions. Bodies are how we live our lives. 


Lewis’ work seeks to capture reflections of that intensely fluid and endless dynamic, explored through the contrastingly fascinating material of metal. Metal and skin, seemingly opposite yet strangely similar. Durable, protective, beautiful, natural, diverse, rejected, coveted, revered, buried, and capable of immense change through external conditions of existence. Lewis’ sculptures, each a unique material dialogue, explore the mystery, majesty and mortality of the human form, looking to immortalise fleeting snapshots of a body’s depth, and its far-reaching meaning. 





Born in London and trained as a surveyor, art has always been a deep focus for Marc Lewis. Settling in Tel Aviv in 2001 saw the beginning of a full-time commitment to art. Having dabbled in many media forms, exploring metal sculpture rapidly became the primary media for the majority of his maker career. Lewis also turned his hand to education teaching fine art in Israel alongside his practice. Lewis has featured sculpture in over 80 group shows internationally with galleries including Gebo, Amdur, Horace Richter & Rugine. He has had 14 solo exhibitions in Israel, Singapore & Paris & has work featured in numerous large-scale and public commissions including The Ruppin Academic Center, Yamin Orde Youth Village & The Haim Sheba Medical Center. Lewis’ art is owned, commissioned and exhibited globally.

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