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Marc Richard Lewis

Sculpture & Furniture

Marc Lewis is an established sculptor, luxury furniture designer, and lifelong motorhead.

His sculptures often marry elements of art, architecture, and design. His work has now evolved and expanded to include furniture, combining utility and luxurious decorative art to create truly unique pieces.  

The current body of work produced by Lewis showcases ongoing development in functionality, forming art into furniture. The current series of chairs, sofas, and tables have been hand-crafted from the finest materials. The concept is immersive – allowing the seated individual to become one with the art itself.

Chairs are amongst the most basic forms of furniture, with the social status of the sitter defined by their seat. The innovation, creativity, and avant-garde sensibility bring the owners of these one-of-a-kind numbered and signed creations a distinct sense of personal indulgence and luxury.  

Richard's SPEED series has seen these seat sculptures join automotive enthusiasts' collections. The pieces are celebrations of functional beauty, crafted in metal. It's about sensuous bodywork. Long after the performance of the machines they dressed were eclipsed, their beauty remains immortal.

Available Work

Download a catalogue of Marc's SPEED series here. Please get in touch regarding commissions.