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Hazel Florez

Drawing | Painting | Collage | Performance | Costume Design | Set Design

Hazel is an esoteric surrealist, a pictorial story-teller, a traveller to fantastic realms. She invites her viewers to luxuriate in the numinous and liminal thresholds of phantasmagoria and magic. Her work is infused with mystical symbols, and mythological references. Her paintings transport you to a dreamscape world, where the seemingly contradictory worlds of rational science and irrational subconscious are brought together by union of both natural and other-worldly elements.

Hazel is preoccupied with transcendent, the suprarational and the visionary. She draws much inspiration from her ‘artistic aunties’, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo. Her works have a hypnotic attention to them, and are intensely focused with fine detail and draftswomanship. She is influenced by motherhood and feminist perspective in her work. A central theme in her work is the interrelation between magic and the archetype of the high priestess. Florez is fascinated in how historically the witch was a demonized and tortured figure. She represented the socially ostracised 'outsider' female creating her own forms of healing, philosophy and spiritual practices away from institutional religious orthodoxy. Florez is captivated by the idea of the witch is being reclaimed as a potent symbol of feminine empowerment.

Hazel is influenced by Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy and the symbolism of the tarot. As part of her research and creative process, she has drawn inspiration from alchemical manuscripts at The Ritman Library Online Archive. In August 2021, she completed the Introduction to Western Esotericism: Visions of the Occult, Summer School program at the University of Amsterdam. Next Spring, she will be giving a lecture at the Jung Club in London. She is currently working on a painting series of 12 paintings each depicting a different operation of alchemical transformation, as part of a contemporary re-imagining of Paracelsus’ original magnus opus.


Hazel Florez (b. 1984) is a UK artist based in a London Studio in Hackney. She graduated at Edinburgh University and the Edinburgh college of Art from the MA Fine Art program in 2007. She has a multi-disciplinary background and has degrees in Philosophy and International Politics. She worked for three years in academia before switching to become a full-time artist. She has experimented with a wide range of mediums including oil, acrylic, pen and ink, mixed media collage, costume, fine art photography, installation, and digital art. She has participated in group shows with The Holy Art, The Tub Gallery, Purslane, Atelier Melusine, The Vacant Museum. She is currently exhibiting her second solo show at Hackney Downs Studios and will have a third solo show at Lauderdale House at the start of 2022.

Available Work

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